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Mark Hovane’s appearances on “Jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs”

In the following clips from season 2 of the French documentary series, “Jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs,” produced by Arte et Bo Travail, Mark speaks to host, Jean-Philippe Teyssier, about Daitoku-ji.

Clip 1: On Zen and shojin-ryori

Clip 2: The tea gardens of Daitoku-ji’s Koto-in sub-temple

Clip 3: On the importance of washing hands in the tsukubai as a preparation to receive tea

The sharp end: Empty spaces and dual meanings – the magic of Japanese gardens

Japan’s historic gardens are unfamiliar and elusive, writes Stephen Lacey

Mark Hovane quoted in article about Japanese gardens by world-renowned garden writer Stephen Lacey in leading English newspaper, “The Telegraph.” Link

A Visit to Shinnyo-do Temple in Kyoto

“In his first article for the ZenVita blog, the Kyoto-based garden expert, Mark Hovane, introduces Kyoto’s Shinnyo-do temple and explores two separate garden designs there by ZenVita associates Chisao Shigemori and Sone Zoen.”

Invited to be garden writer about Japanese landscape for international website promoting Japanese landscape designers and architects abroad. Link

Kyoto’s gardens are perfect for learning the art of slowing down

by Mark Hovane

Feature article in leading Australian business newspaper’s “Sophisticated Traveller” colour supplement. Link

Kyoto gardens give up all their secrets during intimate guided tours

by Jane Singer
“Mark Hovane knows just about everything there is to know about ancient capital’s star attractions”

Feature article in leading Japanese English newspaper the Japan Times profiling Kyoto Garden Experience. Link

Six of the best: Kyoto gardens, Japan

by Brian Johnston

Quoted in article about Japanese gardens for leading international tourism website. Link